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What a shocker of a day yesterday for the South Island.  First Christchurch was woken to a 7.1 magnatude eathquake at 4.35am.  Even though we are 500 odd ks away We were awoken with the shake.  Not knowing that it was centred that far away we never thought too much of it, till we put the news on at 6.30.  Even then the full extent of the quake wasn’t known, it wasnt until daylight came and people went out. There were walls falling out, ground opening up, major major damage.  My heart goes out to all of  the Cantabrians.  Just wish there was something more that I could do.  Then again at 1.15 that afternoon there was a plane crash on the west coast of  the south island.  9 people were killed, absolute tragedy.

Now to some brighter things.  This weeks challenge was to do a layout with beach/water theme.  here is my layout

A simple and quick one, but another one scrapped.

Oh, I decided to take a photo looking out our lounge window today, and this is what resulted.  Nothing special but with the earthquake I thought it would be nice to have a photo of what we look at each day when I pull back the curtains. 

Till next time


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