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Another week down with SBO challenge.  This was week 6 and our challenge was “Song titles” .  We had to use a New Zealands artists song as a title or part of the lyrics.  Here is my layout titled “Beside you”, sung by Dave Dobbyn.  I’ve done beading along the bottom that took hours to do LOL.

Yesterday Jake went out with Lionel as usual to help with the lambing.  I was inside and saw him coming running from the road, over the fence towards the house, and he had something in his arms.  Well it turned out to be a duck of all things.  those of you that know Jake knows he has this amazing thing with animals.  When he was 5 he would just go out and catch birds, adult birds not babies or anything, hens would sit down for him where as when we go to get them they run like a scorched cat.  Since we’ve been here, hes caught baby eels, baby fish, birds, magpie and now a duck.  Lionel said three flew off from the pond and this one turned around and flew back and landed beside a bush.  Jake just dived over and grabbed it.  He showed Garry and Sam on the way home (it was caught behind Sams house).  We got a couple of photos and then let it go.  So these photos will turn into a layout sooner rather than later 🙂

Wonder what he will get next LOL


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