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What a busy time we have had, lambing was fairly hectic, probably not hectic but really stressfull this year.  We had a week of horid weather that did not stop and even had 6 inches of snow on the ground and then followed by howling winds and rain.  We thought we weren’t too bad off but we have finished tailing now and  that tells a different story.  Generally we tail 150 – 160% and this year we managed 122%.  Huge loss and it will have a gigantic effect on our farm income.  Not just that but the thought of all those lambs dying in such conditions that we could do nothing about.  But its over now and we can only do what we can do now. 

Amongst this Scrapookoutlets competition has  been running.  Here is another layout that I completed for it, entitled “the bike lesson”  Lionel remembered the book as a kid and has been on the look out to get it for the kids and this Friday Abby brought it home as her library book, and I would just like to add, I am sick of this book LOL.  She must have read it 6 or 10 times before tea that night and countless times after tea, then Saturday morning, afternoon, yep you get the picture.  Was great to see but I was pleased to see it head back to school in her bag 🙂

The bike lesson for SBO challenge

At the end of eight weeks who ever had 100 points got sent this mystery product, and it was kaiser crafts dress up dolls.   Well as soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it.  I wanted to make Abby a album that had each of her friends in it, both boys and girls, and she absolutely loves it.  There was lots of fantastic ideas for the paperdolls, ranging from ornaments, to go on photo frames, invitations and many other things.  Pop over and have a look in the gallery at www.scrapbookoutlet.co.nz you will love it 🙂

Now the competition has ended things have quietend down (oh and I never won the slice that was so kindly donated by making memories.  They donated three.  thankyou making memories.

I have done this layout since the competition as part of a sketch challenge.  A quick easy one, but it tells the story 🙂

On line there is also a page that I am following on Facebook and it is a photography one.  Each week they have a different challenge and this particular week it was seperation.  My take on it was this photo

Thanks for looking 🙂


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What a shocker of a day yesterday for the South Island.  First Christchurch was woken to a 7.1 magnatude eathquake at 4.35am.  Even though we are 500 odd ks away We were awoken with the shake.  Not knowing that it was centred that far away we never thought too much of it, till we put the news on at 6.30.  Even then the full extent of the quake wasn’t known, it wasnt until daylight came and people went out. There were walls falling out, ground opening up, major major damage.  My heart goes out to all of  the Cantabrians.  Just wish there was something more that I could do.  Then again at 1.15 that afternoon there was a plane crash on the west coast of  the south island.  9 people were killed, absolute tragedy.

Now to some brighter things.  This weeks challenge was to do a layout with beach/water theme.  here is my layout

A simple and quick one, but another one scrapped.

Oh, I decided to take a photo looking out our lounge window today, and this is what resulted.  Nothing special but with the earthquake I thought it would be nice to have a photo of what we look at each day when I pull back the curtains. 

Till next time

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